Germ Free Isolators for Controlled Research Environments. .

Germ-Free Flexible Film Isolators, Cleanrooms and Containment Units For Animal Research That Requires a Controlled Environment

The Original Lap Seam flexible film isolator.For germ free rodent research.

Manufacturing high quality, flexible film (softwall) isolators for universities, researchers and germ-free animal producers since 1978!

CBC offers a variety of softwall, germ free barrier and containment isolator systems to meet your gnotibiotic research requirements.

  • Durable & Economical


    CBC's high quality, flexible film isolators for germ free animal research are both durable and economical. They are manufacturered to provide controlled barrier and containment to protect both personnel and product. What's more, CBC isolators can be custom designed to meet your specific equipment or functional needs.

  • A Variety of Sizes & Designs


    Flexible film, germ-free isolator systems for researchers working with gnotobiotic, germ-free, axenic, transgenic, immunodeficient, defined flora and other rodents.

    Every CBC flexible film isolator system provides a sterile or microbially-controlled laboratory environment. CBC offers both positive or negative pressure isolator units that provide protection for both animals and personnel.

  • CBC - Quality Commitment


    The management and staff of Class Biologically Clean, Ltd. are dedicated to the continued improvement of our design and manufacturing processes. We understand the need for vigilant quality control to meet our customers' exacting specifications to help ensure the integrity of their research and/or controlled production.


Flexible, Softwall Isolator "Starter" Labs (Ensure Compatibility, Quality Control, Quicker Installation, Better Traceability, Easier Reorders).

Flexible film isolator starter labs include all the hardware for gnotobiotic research.

Class Biologically Clean has designed a variety of softwall (flexible film) isolator systems with all the hardware and accessories needed for researchers to install a fully functional germ free lab that offers complete environmental control for gnotobiotic, microbiome and other research!

Flexible film isolator canopies with serial number and manufacture date for better traceability.

When you buy one of our germfree isolator systems or just a canopy, your canopy will be marked with its own unique serial number and manufacture date. Should you ever have a issue with the canopy (or need a replacement) CBC can trace your canopy back to the exact specs previously ordered. The same for replacement canopies for existing frames and filter systems.

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Maximize Lab Space and Maximize Your Budget

If you're a researcher with a specific need, give CBC a call. We custom design germ-free, gnotobiotic isolators to meet unique space and research requirements at a price that won't break your budget.

(Learn more about our products below.)

  • Class Biologically Clean single-tier, flexible film isolator system for germ-free animal research.

    Single-Tier Isolator

    CBC's durable, flexible film (softwall), germ-free isolators are designed to offer researchers complete environmental control. Positive or negative pressure isolator units available. Stock and custom sizes.

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  • Class Biologically Clean double-tier, flexible film isolator system optimizes lab space.

    Double-Tier Isolator

    Each isolator runs independently. Double-Tier (softwall) "Starter Lab" isolator system provide researchers compatibility, quality control, quicker installation, better traceability and easier reorders!

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  • Class Biologically Clean quad, flexible film isolator system is our four independent isolators in one footprint that allows you to conduct four different experiments at one time.

    Quad Isolator

    Four (4) independent isolators in one footprint allows you to conduct four different experiments at one time. This system is also available as a single layer (two isolators) and as a negative pressure system.

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  • Pig Tub Isolator.

    Pig Tub Isolator

    Both negative pressure and positive pressure, germ-free isolators. Designed to offer researchers complete environmental control. Suitable for up to 4 piglets. Other sizes for poultry and calves. Durable 20 mil vinyl. Stainless steel construction.

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  • Breeder Isolator.

    Breeder Isolator

    Breed your own colony of germ-free rodents with CBC's 32- or 50-cage germ-free, flexible film, breeder isolator with polypropylene holding box. Pictured above is a positive pressure, germ-free, flexible film 50-Cage Breeder isolator.

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  • Quarantine/Transport Isolator.

    Quarantine/Transport Isolator

    CBC's 36" flexible film isolators are ideal for transporting animals within a lab or as a quarantine isolator so researchers can avoid putting the health and well-being of their research animals in jeopardy when adding new animals to the colony.

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  • Surgical Isolator.

    Surgical Isolator

    Positive pressure, flexible film, germ free surgical isolator systems (optional microscope attachment and dip tube). 12" diameter glove sleeves on both sides. 12" transfer port located on the end.

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  • Isolator Replacement Canopies.

    Isolator Replacement Canopies

    CBC will make you a durable 20 mil vinyl or polyurethane replacement canopy to fit your existing germ-free isolator frame, filter system and port size. Custom Sizes Using CBC's Unique Lap Seam Seal Process!

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  • Semi-Rigid Isolators.

    Semi-Rigid Isolators

    CBC's durable, semi-rigid, germ-free isolators are designed to offer researchers complete environmental control. Each system comes with a blower system that can be converted from positive to negative pressure.

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  • Class Biologically Clean flexible film - softwall cleanrooms.

    Flexible Film Cleanrooms

    Positive pressure, flexible-film (softwall) cleanrooms. A totally contained chamber - the system does not use the laminar airflow design (the chamber is completely enclosed). Cleanrooms use lap seam seal construction and are steps beyond Class 100.

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  • Class Biologically Clean flexible film containment units.

    Flexible Film Containment Units

    Negative pressure, flexible-film (softwall), containment units designed to protect workers and surrounding environment! Durable and economical - for containing highly pathogenic organisms or potent compounds. Lap seam seal construction.

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  • CBC Decontamination Chamber.

    Decontamination Chamber

    Flexible-Film Decontamination Chambers desiged to decontaminate small items such as scales and microscopes. Custom sizes available to meet your needs. Can be made to accommodate IVC racks. Lap seam seal construction.

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  • Sterilizing/autoclave cylinders.

    Sterilizing/Autoclave Cylinders

    Class Biologically Clean autoclave sterilizing feed cylinders for animal research (water, bedding, cages, etc...). Custom sizes available to meet your autoclave size and shelf requirements.

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  • Germ-Free shipper sleeve.

    Germ-Free Shipper Sleeves

    New & Improved - These Germfree Shipper Sleeves are designed to safeguard your animal's health status during shipping. Wire mesh protects filter media, stronger packaging and more. A Great Value!

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  • Isolator Filters.

    Isolator Filters

    CBC's 5" diameter isolator filters with lower inlet ports and upper outlet ports provide greater air flow and a better living environment for the animals!   3" diameter filters also available.

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